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BIRDFLESH "Alive Autopsy / Trip To The Grave" CD has finally been reprinted. Out now on Razorback Records! Includes the out of print debut LP and cult 7" ep, a total of 27 brainmoshing grindcore tracks from these Swedish maniacs! The blasphemous bird-gorilla is here to stomp more real estate along with your skull, get it now!!

The most ferociously intense and original grindcore album of the year. this is a rollercoaster thrillride of perfectly excuted light-speed blast beats, raw vocal lacerations, ripping vein exploding riffs, warped lyrics, and total energy and catchiness not seen in grindcore for years now. BIRDFLESH is an aural assault on the senses which requires a strong stomach and an (un)healthy twisted sense of humor! This band is a must for fans of CSSO, Nasum, Terrorizer, Brutal Truth , etc

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"Blood and Popcorn" Mini-CD

Razorback Records is excited to announce the arrival of these mutant couch potato, B-movie loving, Boglin-thrashing, Critter-gulping lunatics from Holland into our tomb of gore! Get ready to dive into a pool of slime, as the band unleashes their mini-CD "Blood and Popcorn" which is the ultimate in pure monster-mashing, gory, old-school death metal. Listen for the sound of small spacecrafts crashing in your backyard, it could be FONDLECORPSE preparing to attack and steal your remote control while carving you up for their fast-food binge!

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"The Terror Threshold " CD

Out now on Razorback Recordings! REVOLTING is proud to unleash their 2nd full-length CD! "The Terror Threshold" is 9 brand new songs of catchy, heavy, and twisted Swedish Death Metal, with even more intense riffing, bizarre and darker passages, and even more headbanging horror insanity! This release also includes 8 bonus tracks from the unreleased "Bonesaw Leftovers" MCD, which makes this CD have a total of 17 insane new blood-drenched tracks of Swedish horror Death Metal! Booklet comes loaded with killer artwork and some of the most horror-obsessed lyrics ever! The maniacal-madmen are back...get ready for the feast that is "The Terror Threshold"!


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"Tomb Coven " CD

SKELETAL SPECTRE "Tomb Coven" CD out now on Razorback Recordings! Another Doom Metal masterpiece from the same label that brought you all of the debut albums from Coffins and Hooded Menace! An unbelievable tyrant of revenge seeking songs from the darkest depths! The Swedish triad known as SKELETAL SPECTRE, awakens the dead with their debut full-length album "Tomb Coven"! Heavy, thundering DOOM METAL combined with eerie riffing & accompanied by tormented vocals from beyond the spirit world. These catchy tracks will possess you & leave you wanting more! Listen...if you DARE! Features killer cover painting by Adam Geyer. From Sweden, comes SKELETAL SPECTRE...3 ghastly apparitions from the voids of eternal darkness. Their goal is a simple play crushing horror DOOM METAL mixed with other influences and eerie sounds to come up with something they feel is their own. Do you hear the sound of the spectre? It's coming for you...

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split CD

Out now from Razorback Recordings! Over 40 minutes of brand new, exclusive material from these 2 incredible horror Doom Metal bands from America! Wooden Stake summons the spectre of death itself as well as the black countess of blood, while Blizaro conjures the spirit of Edgar Allan Poe and malicious beings from beyond! Features a stunning full color painting by horror master, Adam Geyer. This special release is a limited edition of only 1000 copies and will never be repressed again!

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