1. We accept Paypal for payments. We no longer accept regular credit card payments as our old credit card company was charging us too much money in fees. We now accept Credit Card payments through Paypal! When you check out through paypal, it will give you the option of being able to pay with your credit card or debit card. We also accept Money orders or Cashiers checks made payable to WILLIAM NOCERA. (See address below) *Please do not write Razorback anywhere on the money order. Thanks.

2. Click on the cart button to add your item to the shopping cart. You will be given postage options. Pick the one you want and then check out for your order! Postage prices are different for USA and outside of the USA orders.

2. CDs are shipped in their plastic jewel cases in the US. CDs are NOT shipped in their plastic jewel cases outside the US (they are shipped with all their inserts/booklets and traycards, however). Non-US Customers can choose the option to add cases to their order during checkout.

3. Orders are generally shipped within 48 hours.

4 . Return Policy: We will accept returns ONLY if the CD has become damaged during shipping. We will NOT accept returns just because you don't like the CD, or because you already own it and didn't realize it, nor will we accept returns for any other reason. If your jewel case is damaged during shipping, we will gladly send you a replacement case free of charge.

Send Orders To:

Razorback Recordings
22 Acorn Ave.
Farmingville, NY 11738

Email: WNocera@aol.com

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